The ACT Authority’s mission is to provide premium ACT prep videos, tools, and tips while saving the student time and money.

Students these days are busier than ever. With school, homework, sports, clubs, jobs, etc. they don’t always have large blocks of time to devote to test preparation. By breaking everything down into individual concepts, you always have time to do some test preparation. Since it’s all streamable, it can go wherever you go!

In addition to the ACT tutorial videos, you’ll get invaluable test taking tips and strategies, practice problems with solutions, and a day-before and day-of checklist. 

Many of the families who need the scholarship dollars tied to an ACT score are the families who can least afford to pay for elite level ACT preparation. That’s not ok with me. I want to help everyone reach his or her maximum potential. So, the subscription cost is kept low to make it as accessible as possible to anyone who wants to make the most of his or her ability. Everyone gets to dream and everyone should have the best chance possible to achieve that dream.


The ACT Authority’s online test prep course for institutions is designed to increase your school’s ACT average.

Our ACT Preparation Course, featuring hundreds of videos & thousands of practice problems, is available to public & private schools at a discounted rate.

Each video in our course is captioned and includes a transcript which was developed by a professional caption and transcription service. All are FCC, ADA and section 508 compliant.

The ACT Authority takes multiple ACT tests a year to know what content is new and what is packaged in a different manner. As new content and packaging appears, we create new videos and quizzes to show how to approach those topics. This familiarity with the ACT and its developing format changes ensures that our service is as up to date as possible.

“My son struggled with standardized tests bigtime. He couldn’t seem to get his score of 17 to budge and was getting frustrated and down on himself. We tried three other tutoring companies before a friend recommended Jesse. In three months, my son’s score went from 17 to 25. He’s excited about his choices for college now and we will get a little scholarship money too.”

School enrollment increases when you can boast a high average ACT score. Jesse Hedrick and The ACT Authority parlay successes like the one above into one BIG success for your institution with his ACT tips, practice problems, and individualized school portal. Reach out now for a quote.

The ACT Authority has hundreds of tutorials in all the core subjects, clearly labeled by subject and skill. You’ll be able to quickly identify and gain access to the tutorials that will help raise your test score.