Our online ACT Preparation course, which contains hundreds of videos and thousands of practice problems, is also available to public and private schools at a discounted rate.

Each video is captioned and includes a transcript. The captions and transcripts are done by professional caption and transcription service. All the captions are FCC, ADA and section 508 compliant. I personally take multiple ACT tests a year to know what content is new and what is packaged in a different manner. As new content and packaging appears, I create new videos and quizzes to show how to approach those topics if I have not already covered them. That ensures that the service that The ACT Authority provides is as up to date as possible. When I publish new content is announced on the ACT Authority’s Facebook page and Twitter account.

Schools across the country use our ACT Preparation course in a number of ways. Some schools use The ACT Authority as a stand alone prep class and provide accounts for their teachers and students alike. We also have clients who mix our content in the English, Math and Science classes to make ACT prep a part of the daily routine. We also have clients who simply provide the service to each student to use on their own as a school wide initiative. In addition to institutions purchasing the content for students and/or teachers, it is also possible for us to create promotional codes for each school. That allows for a school wide effort to raise scores where the students purchase access on their own but at a reduced rate.

Since all the content is streamable on demand. So, it can be accessed from any internet connected device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, Xbox, etc.). That means no only can the service be used in the classroom but your students can access the content at home as well. Professional ACT tutoring will always be accessible to them.

We will work with you to provide a program that suits your schools needs and budget. The whole point of The ACT Authority is to make professional tutoring for the ACT available to those who are willing to put it to good use.

If you would like to view a few videos for a preview of what the ACT Preparation course offers, contact us and we can email links to sample videos.

When your school subscribes to The ACT Authority you are doing more for your students than just giving them practice questions.

  • We teach your students to recognize patterns in the test questions
  • Your students will learn the concepts for each section
  • They will learn how those concepts are packaged in each section’s test questions
  • Students will learn insider tips on how questions for each section are packaged
  • Each video tutorial is broken down into a different concept or strategy and has a practice test at the end
  • Students will learn about time management
  • Your students will learn how to prepare for the test the week leading up to the test, the day before, and the morning of the test